Mold Making

JinmaMold is equipped with the advance facilities such as high speed CNC

machine centers, high mirror polishing EDM machines, high precision

Wire-cut machines and inspectionequipment ,which guarantees the
high quality and tight tolerance of molds. We specialize in hot runner
technology, gas-assisted injection molding, mold flow defect analysis,
mold design allowance for excessive warp or distortion, mold cooling
optimization, weld-line elimination and Double injection We always use
high quality steels such as 718, 738, S136 and 8407 from ASSAB
of Sweden, GS-738 and GS-711 from Thyssen of Germany, NAK80 from
DAIDO of Japan and P20, 420. And we always use mould bases and
standard components such as LKM, DME, HASCO, FUTABA etc. Below
are some information for your reference. With rich experience to
solve a variety of die structure and mechanism to build a wide variety
of molds and components to the work of an efficient, effective and accurate
while maintaining our customers the lowest possible cost. The least waste,
reduce or eliminate scrap, low maintenance, mold life standards in the
construction of a good mold.

We are familiar with“ hot runner systems ”such as MOLD MASTER, Master TIP, HUSKY, HASCO, DME, YUDO, INCOE, THERMOPLAY, Synventive etc.
With hot runner system you can eliminate sprues and runners, decrease cycle time per part, improve consistency in the part, and allow for better control of the overall molding process.

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